Rent a Penthouse in the Cape Town City Bowl

Penthouse Holiday Accommodation in Cape Town City Bowl

When you're looking at accommodation for a holiday in a place like the Cape Town city bowl, getting the holiday experience isn't necessarily as simple as picking any place. Ideally you'd want a place that really gives you that sense that you have escaped your usual life. A clean apartment with trendy furniture may breathe some freshness into your existence, but how do you get that sense of freedom while on holiday?

If that's the kind of thinking that's going through your head, then you might be thinking of a penthouse. A penthouse in the city bowl of Cape Town gives you the finer parts of the holiday package. Known for having plenty of space, superb views of the world outside and being on the highest floor of an apartment complex, a penthouse might make you feel like you're on top of the world.

The first thing that may strike you when entering a penthouse is the great sense of space you get. While not all penthouses are large, it is the way they use space that makes you feel that way. Often penthouses have unique setups like easily accessible balconies and open plan living spaces (plenty of times the kitchen becomes the dining room which becomes the living room!). All this brings a different experience to the times you make breakfast, when you're simply watching television and it definitely is tailored to entertaining guests.

Two features of penthouses go hand in hand in accentuating the knowledge that you're on holiday. The penthouse sits on the top floor of the apartment complex. All the windows in the penthouse are large. Put these two together and you're getting one of the best views of world around you. Because no one is able to look back at you through the window, this is the refreshing kind of view, being able to look down on the world around you. If you secured a penthouse in Cape Town's city bowl, that means fantastic sights of Table Mountain and the rest of the mountains which surround the city bowl.

A penthouse can give you the best of the holiday experience. Being on the top floor with all that space and great views around you give you a greater sense of privacy, and for many holiday seekers, this is one of the goals they aim for when taking a vacation. But in a setting like Cape Town's city bowl, not only would you get all that sweet time to yourself, you still have access to all the shops and restaurants around you, and in a place like Cape Town, tourist attractions like Sea Point and Camps Bay beach are reachable by car or via the convenient MyCiTi bus service.

The next time you're planning a vacation in Cape Town, consider a penthouse in the city bowl. You'll get one of the best holidays of your life and one that you will want to experience again and again

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