MyCiti Bus Route at City Bowl Accommodation

MiCity Bus Route in and around the City Bowl - Holiday Accommodation in Self Catering Apartments

Starting in 2011 the popularity of the MyCiTy Bus Rapid Transport at City Bowl Accommodation system (BRT) has grown tremendously and new routes and further destinations are under construction and unveiling planned up until the end of 2013. With routes planned all the way to Pella in the Northern Cape.

Routes all over the Cape from Big Bay to Garden Centre and Waterfront all lead to the Civic Centre in the City Bowl of Cape Town where a bus also departs every 20 minutes from 4h20 in the morning to as late as 22h00 in the evening to get you to your flight on time. With the demand for safe and reliable transport the BRT system is used by many Cape Townians and tourist alike. No more therapy after driving in a mini-bus taxi or refinancing your house to pay for the metered taxis with their exuberant fees.

Taking the MyCiTy bus made it possible for city commuters to leave the car at home and not contributing to the ever growing congestion problems surrounding the peninsula and also make it to work on time.

The luxurious feel and cleanliness of the busses makes public transport a lot more bearable and added security makes it safe to boot. Friendly and professional staff will make sure you get to your destination.

The planning that went into making the MyCiTy bus system in the City Bowl see the light has been extraordinary with building new roads and changing the layout of existing roads to training staff. It gives a feel of the very effective public transport systems of the UK and Europe with everything that is exceptionally clear and easy to use.

Travelling from Cape Town City Garden Centre to Waterfront is easy and the major roads are covered to make for easy and reliable transportation that makes your stay in the Mother City even more enjoyable. Busses stop every 10 minutes starting from 5h30 during the week to 22h30 at night and weekends and public holidays from 6h40 to 22h00.

It is also possible to get to Cape Town International Airport very easily with a shuttle that leaves the Civic Centre at 4h20 and the last to leave at 22h00 in the evening to make sure you get to your flight on time.

With the rising price of petrol and issues like global warming and pollution, systems like the MyCity Bus is vital when looking at growth in an ecological and environmental friendly manner.