A Villa in Cape Town's City Bowl

Rent a Luxury Villa in Cape Town City Bowl

Ever thought of staying in a villa for your holiday? Sometimes the main focus of a vacation is simply to get away from the usual rush of daily life. Booking a room in a hotel does grant you that, but have you ever thought of getting away from it all? In a hotel it wouldn't be unusual for you to bump into other guests, or have to deal with maybe having to wait your turn to get a seat at the pool. If such hotel experiences bother you, have you ever considered the alternative of a villa? Maybe a villa in Cape Town's city bowl?

Villas have characteristics that set them apart from the likes of hotel rooms, apartments and even penthouses. All of these holiday alternatives are part of a complex, and encountering other holiday seekers is inevitable. One of the defining features of a villa, is that it is basically a free standing house. In other words, you have total privacy. No other guests, no having to wait for a spot at the pool. The ultimate dream for holiday travellers.

That makes a villa your home away from home. Of course a very luxurious home away from home. Renting a villa in Cape Town's city bowl ensures you get your own private place to come back to at the end of the day after spending it enjoying the many attractions in and around the Mother City. If you had had to go back to a hotel room at the end of the day, the only time you'd have total privacy was once you reached your room. At a villa, you have that as soon as you enter the front door.

Imagine you wanted to go to Camps Bay beach. If that had happened at a hotel, you may have felt inclined to dry off completely and get dressed before returning. Accommodation at a villa in the city bowl means you don't necessarily have to get all the beach sand off your feet or off your sandals before heading back at the end of the day.

What about going for a walk to browse the various shops in the Cape Town city bowl? If you are the type that tends to shop until the point of exhaustion, you don't actually want to wait until you get to a hotel room before you can just throw yourself onto a couch. Having a villa during your holiday stay will give you that satisfaction only a few moments after you enter the house.

Then of course there is what you can find inside a villa. In apartments and hotel rooms you get all the luxurious furniture plus some privacy, while in a villa you know by now that it's all the same except you get total privacy. It means you also get all that space for just you, as well as your friends or family. All of those luxuries, like the pool, the barbecue facility outside, it's all yours to use at the time of your choosing. Plus you get to enjoy the famous views of Cape Town bowl, including the distant ocean and the wide-reaching Table Mountain. Maybe other holiday seekers get that view too, but only you get to enjoy it with just the people you want to while sitting and enjoying a barbecue by the pool.

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